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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Pay-Per-Performance Mean?

Simple: You only pay for the qualified leads we generate. A qualified lead is:

  • a qualified decision maker at the company
  • fits your target industry
  • shows up to the scheduled call

What is Your Cost Per Lead?

We charge a flat $100 per qualified lead.

Do You Offer Exclusive Leads or Are They Shared Among Multiple Clients?

All leads are COMPLETELY EXCLUSIVE to you. They have been contacted from custom domains that forward to your main domain, they've seen YOUR branding, YOUR case studies and YOUR product offer and are going into the call expecting to speak to YOU.

What is the Setup Fee For? I Thought you Only Charged For the Leads...

Our setup fee is a one time payment to cover the upfront costs associated with setting up a campaign. This covers domain hosting for 10+ domains, 30+ email accounts, and leads for your campaign.

You will only ever pay the setup fee ONCE, and we will keep paying the monthly cost of the email accounts every month.

Even if you pause the campaign with Lead Hunter, you can restart at any time without paying the fee again.

Who Pays for the Monthly Email Registration?

We cover all the costs associated with domain hosting, and ongoing registration. It usually works out to about $400 a month in free value!

Do You Have a Free Trial?

After signing up and getting set up, the first 3 leads are free!

Is There a Minimum Contract Length?

No, we are completely month to month, and you are free to pause or cancel at any time with no additional fees.

Can You Guarantee a Certain Number of Leads Per Month?

Because our services are Pay for Performance, we do not generally guarantee the number of leads. However, we might at times come to a client-specific agreement for certain clients/industries.

Can You Target Specific Countries?

Yes, during the onboarding you would specify what countries you need your leads to be from.