Pay-for-Performance Lead Generation for Agencies and B2B Companies

Get 5-20+ QUALIFIED, Booked Meetings Per Month on a Pay Per Performance Basis

  • Qualified leads booked directly on your calendar
  • Only pay if your qualified lead:
    • Matches your ideal industry
    • Is a decision maker in the company
    • And attends the scheduled call/video meeting

We use this exact system to book calls for our own business because it WORKS. In fact, there’s a good chance you’re on our website now because of our own outbound lead generation system.

Who We Work With

We mostly work with B2B Agencies, but have found success with B2B SaaS as well as other businesses that focus on monthly B2B packages.

You are a good fit for our service if:

You're Looking to Grow and Expand Your Business

Your Service/Product Cost is $1,000+ per month

You Have Case Studies and Real Results

You Can Handle 5+ Additional Meetings a month

Yes, I Want Sales Appointments With Qualified Leads.

What We Do

We use high volume, targeted, outbound email campaigns to reach decision makers at thousands of your ideal companies every month.

Most organizations that try outbound email send a couple hundred emails a day that land in spam, they get no results and then they move on to someting else. The reason it doesn’t work is because your prospect Doesn’t. See. Your. Email.

Our sophisticated tech stack ensures that the emails we send end up in the inbox, and NOT in spam, at scale.

Instead of sending hundreds of emails from one email or even one domain, we spread out the emails across multiple domains and email accounts. We typically use around 30+ Gmail + Outlook Accounts and 10+ separate domains.

We also cover the monthly costs of the email accounts and the yearly costs of the domains.

We typically send 30,000+ emails per month and regularly get an inbox placement rate of over 95%.

That’s up to 10,000+ targeted prospects that get to see your offer in their inbox, EVERY MONTH.

How It Works

Step 1 (Day 1)

Onboarding and ICP

On signing up with Lead Hunter, we begin our comprehensive onboarding process.

During this time, we do a deep dive into your business, your value proposition, your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), what industries do you target and many more variables.

We use this information to craft a profile of the person we will be reaching out to and begin to develop a strategy to approach the lead generation process.

Comprehensive Onboarding

Requirements Planning

Ideal Customer Profile Creation

Targeted Industries

Step 02 (Day 2 to Day 7)

List Building and Email Copywriting

Lead List Building: These are the decision makers at the companies you are targeting, usually owners and C-Suite. We have a very thorough onboarding process that we use to find out who you’re targeting, and then we use various lead sources to find the best candidates to contact.

Creating the Email: The most important part of a successful outbound strategy is getting a cold friendly offer. It’s all in the phrasing and the approach your offer takes. Since we send such a high volume of emails, we A/B test a number of angles and approaches in the email script to see what’s workting the best.

List Building and Sourcing

Lead Contact Information Verified

Domain Tech Setup (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)

Email Setup and Warmup

Initial Campaign Creation

Step 03 (Day 8 to Day 30)

Ramp Up-

Leads Start Coming In

After all copywriting is done, we launch and ramp up the campaign sending across 30+ email addresses. Leads usually start coming in in the first week after campaign launch.

We monitor the responses through a uni-inbox system, and book interested leads directly to your calendar and you ONLY pay for the qualified leads that show up.

Leads Start Coming In

Book Directly on Your Calendar

Pay For Performance

Step 04 (Day 31+)

Campaign in Full Swing

As we generate more and more data, we continually test different angles and approaches to get the best results. We also maintain the sending reputation of the domains/emails and replace email addresses/domains at risk of falling into spam.

At this point, leads are constantly coming in!

Replace Emails at Risk of Spam

Maintain Sending Reputation

Continual A/B Testing of Campaigns

Yes, I Want Sales Appointments With Qualified Leads.

Expected Results


Average Number of New Monthly Leads

Our average client sees an extra 15 new, qualified leads in the first 45 days of working with us.


Show Up Rate

Of the hundreds of leads that we book for our clients, an average of 75% of them show up to the scheduled call. And again, you ONLY pay for the leads that show up.


Average MRR Added

Our average client adds an average of $4,000 MRR in the first month of working with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Pay-Per-Performance Mean?

Simple: You only pay for the qualified leads we generate. A qualified lead is:

  • a qualified decision maker at the company
  • fits your target industry
  • shows up to the scheduled call

What is Your Cost Per Lead?

We charge a flat $100 per qualified lead.

Do You Offer Exclusive Leads or Are They Shared Among Multiple Clients?

All leads are COMPLETELY EXCLUSIVE to you. They have been contacted from custom domains that forward to your main domain, they've seen YOUR branding, YOUR case studies and YOUR product offer and are going into the call expecting to speak to YOU.

What is the Setup Fee For? I Thought you Only Charged For the Leads...

Our setup fee is a one time payment to cover the upfront costs associated with setting up a campaign. This covers domain hosting for 10+ domains, 30+ email accounts, and leads for your campaign.

You will only ever pay the setup fee ONCE, and we will keep paying the monthly cost of the email accounts every month.

Even if you pause the campaign with Lead Hunter, you can restart at any time without paying the fee again.

Who Pays for the Monthly Email Registration?

We cover all the costs associated with domain hosting, and ongoing registration. It usually works out to about $400 a month in free value!

Do You Have a Free Trial?

After signing up and getting set up, the first 3 leads are free!

Is There a Minimum Contract Length?

No, we are completely month to month, and you are free to pause or cancel at any time with no additional fees.

Can You Guarantee a Certain Number of Leads Per Month?

Because our services are Pay for Performance, we do not generally guarantee the number of leads. However, we might at times come to a client-specific agreement for certain clients/industries.

Can You Target Specific Countries?

Yes, during the onboarding you would specify what countries you need your leads to be from.